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Why should we choose a coating thickness gauge with Bluetooth

Why should we choose a coating thickness gauge with Bluetooth


The coating thickness gauge  is the most commonly used evaluation tool for evaluators. It can detect the thickness of the paint, the material of the cover, and whether the cover is replaced. At present, many coating thickness gauge  on the market have the function of Bluetooth and no Bluetooth. However, the accuracy of their core functions, the temperature of the use scene, the smallest measurement surface, and the thinnest measurement substrate are basically the same.

The difference between the coating thickness gauge with and without Bluetooth is the management and sharing of data:

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Have the advantages of Bluetooth coating thickness gauge 

Let's take the Guoou coating thickness gauge as an example. The user’s mobile phone downloads the official APP, and then installs it. Finally, the bluetooth module of the mobile phone is linked with the bluetooth module of the coating thickness gauge . We can see that the Guoou Bluetooth coating thickness gauge can realize the statistics and management of online measurement data after connecting to the mobile phone. Among them, the vehicle mode is the most eye-catching. It divides 19 components according to the actual measurement method of the evaluator, and the user can follow the guidance Measure and statistics the painted parts, and finally form a data report, which can be directly shared with the customer service on the mobile phone, or printed out.

Disadvantages of non-Bluetooth coating thickness gauge 

The coating thickness gauge  without Bluetooth function cannot realize the APP link, but generally the paint film meter without Bluetooth can also export and print data through the USB cable of the instrument, or browse through the data group of the instrument, which is less efficient or Easily lead to data confusion, this is the biggest difference between them.


The difference between the coating thickness gauge with and without Bluetooth Generally speaking, whether the paint film meter’s Bluetooth function is useful or not depends on the appraiser’s usage scenario. Often used car dealers and platforms need to manage the data and generate it. Test report, and Bluetooth function can help assessors save a lot of statistical time. Secondly, whether it is necessary to buy a Bluetooth version of the coating thickness gauge, it depends on whether the APP function of the brand you choose is easy to use. After all, not all bluetooth coating thickness gauge have a vehicle mode.

Finally, it is recommended that you buy Bluetooth. In case your potential users need measurement reports, or the entire industry provides them, it will be uncompetitive if you don’t have it.