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Why people will use coating thickness gauge to test car paint thickness ?

Why people will use coating thickness gauge to test car paint thickness ?


With the progress of the times, cars continue to enter ordinary households, and more and more people consider buying second-hand cars.

However, ordinary consumers know very little about second-hand cars. They don't know whether the car has been involved in an accident or what happened before.

Before buying a car, if you can know the duration of the car, it will help buyers to communicate the price and understand the condition of the car.

Moreover, more and more car manufacturers will try to reduce costs through various methods. Therefore, an instrument called a coating thickness gauge came into being, which is known and used by everyone .

The car assessor comprehensively inspects the current paint condition of the car to determine whether the car has touch-up paint or sheet metal. Car mechanics polish the car paint to bring the paint closer to its original appearance. After the car's surface paint is finely repaired, most people cannot find it with the naked eye. Used car dealers often use car paint thickness gauges to measure the thickness of different parts to show customers the condition of their cars.

car paint thickness gauge

Coatingmaster  for measuring the thickness of coatings on steel and aluminum. Use this app to visualize your results and to evaluate your data.

There are 2 feature:

1.Can real-time read the users' measured data through Bluetooth, also record and analyze the data. Users can view the measured records through coatingmaster BLE any time, 

in this way users can manage the data quickly and easily.Fast test the coating thickness of batch products and facilitate the factory assembly line.

2.To test whether the vehicle is refurbished or repainted and to ensure whether the vehicle coating thickness is in line with the relevant regulation of the state;

 which are done through testing different parts of the vehicle coating thickness and comparing data. Knowing these can facilitate used vehicle appraisal and new vehicle transaction.

car paint thickness gauge