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Why all the used car dealer and the Appraiser need car paint test ?

Why all the used car dealer and the Appraiser need car paint test ?


car paint tester

The car paint tester  is known as an essential tool in the used car industry, and our Guoou car paint tester is  called by the used car industry experts: the appraiser's heirloom. It is true that Guoou's car paint tester has accumulated a good reputation in the industry for its quality and function. So why are used car dealers and appraisers using car paint tester ?

When we inspect the used car, the appraisal and evaluation process is the most important, and this part often takes a long time. If it is a professional evaluation agency to do the appraisal and evaluation, it usually takes at least 3 hours. The role of the car paint tester in it can improve our efficiency and assist in verifying our judgment.

Many times, senior appraisers will say that it's easy to judge with their eyes and hands that you don't need a car paint tester. In reality, such experienced appraisers do exist, but they are relatively few. But the point is, if you look at it one by one, it is not the same as if you use the the car paint tester to get all paint thickness reading first, Moreover , the car paint tester  is not affected by light and the environment.  sometimes the reading of car paint tester is not just for users, but for users who buy and sell cars.

car paint tester

Used car dealers and appraisers are using the car paint tester not because they detect the appearance of the vehicle, but also the interior of the vehicle, the A,B,C pillar, the paint uniformity inside the trunk, etc., And the car paint tester now is different with previous years. The car paint tester is already very different in function. For example, the 4th-generation car paint tester promoted by Guoou in 2021 has the functions of metal putty detection and  galvanizing Zn detection. Using these functions well can help us check whether the used cars are replaced parts, whether it has been repaired without putty, sheet metal etc.

In general, different panels of the vehicle paint can be measured and inspected by using the car paint tester in different measurement methods. When testing used cars, you can rely on testing tools, but your own professionalism is also essential.