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What's the actual paint thickness of Camry ?

What's the actual paint thickness of Camry ?


Camry Paint thickness

Today, I will share with you the 2018 Camry Dual Engine. As an old-fashioned medium-sized sedan, it has stable and objective monthly sales. Now it is becoming younger in terms of changes. Let me take a look at its spraying process and thickness materials. The test instrument is Guoou Paint Thickness Gauge, the purpose of measuring with paint thickness gauge is mainly to assist appraisers to provide a certain value of data reference when inspecting the car, and consumers who hope to help the car inspector pick up the car.

Measurement principle of paint thickness gauge:

The principle of the instrument is based on the magnetic effect and the eddy current effect. Using the characteristics of the substrate being metal and the coating being non-metallic, the thickness of the car paint is finally obtained through the sensing and calculation of the probe. Generally, the front and rear bumpers of vehicles are non-metallic substrates, so the paint thickness gauge cannot measure them.

This time, the paint measurement method is to measure each panels scattered five times, and calculate the average value. A total of 11 panels are measured, The hood, the trunk, the four doors, and the four side fenders. After test by the paint thickness gauge, its value is shown in the figure.

  Paint thickness

The 2018 Toyota Camry 2.5HQ flagship model has an average thickness of 107.4μm for the overall paint thickness of the black crystal black body, which is at a medium level in the industry, close to the national recommended thickness of 120μm for high-end cars. The thinnest car paint position is the front door position, the average paint thickness is 103μm, the thickest is on the hood, the average paint film thickness is as high as 112μm, and the average difference in the overall car paint film thickness is 9μm. The spraying process control is excellent, but the thickness is still as thin as most Japanese cars.

Remarks: This data is for reference only. The manufacturer's spraying production process does not change from year to year, so there may be slight differences in models and colors of different generations.

Paint thickness gauge

About the introduction of the device for measuring car paint: Guoou's 4th-generation car paint thickness gauge, Fe and NFe dual-purpose, supports mobile phone Bluetooth interconnection, cooperates with vehicle detection mode, can generate reports and share measurement data , a must for used car appraisers device.