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What model is good for galvanized pipe thickness gauge?

What model is good for galvanized pipe thickness gauge?


GTS820F.V3 coating thickness gauge is used to detect the thickness of zinc layer of galvanized pipe. This thickness gauge adopts electromagnetic induction measurement principle, metal wear-resistant precision split probe, imported chip and imported components, which have high precision and repeatability. 

It has good performance and can measure the thickness of zinc layer above 4um stably and non-destructively. Measuring range: 0-1500um, display accuracy of 0.1um below 100um and  1um above 100um, measurement error ±(1%-3%)H+1.5μm, 

It is a precision thickness gauge that professionally detects the thickness of coatings on the surface of steel structures. 

This instrument is widely used in metal electroplating plants, steel structure factory materials, galvanizing plants, electric power departments, highway guardrail engineering inspection, mechanical spraying electroplating and other industries. 

It is a real, cheap and practical thickness gauge, GTS820F.V3 coating The coating thickness gauge can measure the thickness of the galvanized layer, chromium layer and sprayed layer on the surface of curved, flat and special-shaped workpieces. 

The measurement range is wide. The instrument is exquisite in workmanship and reliable in quality. It meets national standards and can be measured by a third-party measurement institute.

Galvanized thickness gauge

Galvanized thickness gauge