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What is the use of the plastic shims of the coating thickness gauge?

What is the use of the plastic shims of the coating thickness gauge?


Today we talked about the calibration film of the coating thickness gauge. 

When talking about its function, let us first understand what the calibration film is and what it is used for.

The calibration sheet is a sheet with a fixed thickness, usually 49um, 100um, 256um, 498um, 500um, etc. thickness. 

The calibration sheet is usually stored in a small box with the thickness gauge. What is the function of the thickness gauge calibration sheet?

We all know that coating thickness gauges (paint film gauges) will have measurement deviations during use or when they are left unused for a long time. 

Then the measured data will be higher or lower, or even negative. Reference. At this time, we need to calibrate the thickness gauge. 

For calibration, we need to use a reference object. The calibration sheet is our reference object. If you are interested in how to calibrate, you can click on the thickness gauge calibration video to understand.

Why do we need so many calibration sheets?

It is to improve the accuracy. We can calibrate with only one sheet, but there may be a certain deviation when the data is small, 

and when we measure low thickness and high thickness, the deviation value will also need to increase, so five-point calibration It is the most accurate measurement that can restore the instrument.

Therefore, the calibration sheet of the thickness gauge and the instrument should be kept together for safekeeping.