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What is the paint thickness value of Model Y

What is the paint thickness value of Model Y


Model Y is a foreign new energy vehicle. Many of my friends would like to know the paint thickness of it . Then let’s take a look at the thickness of the paint measured by the precision paint film meter.

The test model in the picture below is the 2021 Model Y long-endurance all-wheel drive version in deep sea blue, and the measured values are as follows:

car paint thickness on the Model Y

Left rear door  Right rear doorRight rear fender

Model Y paint thickness on each part 

Parts paint thickness 
Left front fender146μm
Right front fender144μm
RoofGlass (none)
Left front door104μm
Right front door     110μm
Left rear fender140μm

The paint surface and clearance of a car are a more direct measure of the workmanship of a car. We all know that the manufacturer's guide price for the 2021 Model Y is 347,000, which can be said to be a luxury car. It is obtained after the paint film instrument measures the various parts. The average paint surface is 124.6μm, which is 120μm recommended by the national standard. The thinnest car paint position is 101μm on the rear door, and the left front fender of the thickest car paint component is 146μm. Model Y has excellent control of the paint thickness. The paint thickness of the left and right parts is within 3μm. It can also be seen that Tesla Model Y thickens the fenders at the four corners that are most frequently scratched. Spray paint.

The source of this data is Professor 100. Different colors of the same car model of the same brand will have slight differences in the paint. Guoou hopes to share the thickness data of the Model Y car paint detected by the paint film meter, so that the majority of used car appraisers can buy and sell the Model. Y this model has a data as a reference, which can better help assessors to make acceptance judgments.

About the introduction of the instrument for measuring car paint: Goou's third-generation automotive paint film meter, dual-purpose for iron and aluminum, supports mobile phone Bluetooth interconnection, and cooperates with the vehicle detection mode. It can generate reports and share measurement data with one key. Using by guazi.com  ,renrenche.com