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Paint thickness Measuring Gauge Application Fields(part 2)

Paint thickness Measuring Gauge Application Fields(part 2)


Last time we discuss about the application fields for paint thickness measuring gauge ,

Besides powder coating thickness on aluminum ,zinc galvanized coating thickness ,

Automobiles have become a necessary means of transportation for every household and the used car industry has become increasingly popular. But when we buy second-hand cars, we should pay attention to the fact that used cars are non-standard products. The prices are generally very different. Pricing must be based on the condition of the car, so in the used car industry, price differs a lot. Even if it is the same model of the same year, there will be a certain difference in price.

The automotive paint meter can accurately determine the car paint thickness on the car surface to determine whether it has been painted or repaired with sheet metal, so as to evaluate the used car price. The automotive paint meter is one of the most indispensable equipment in the used car appraisal and evaluation industry. After all, data is true and convincing. Different brands of cars have different paint thicknesses. The original paint of a car is generally about 100μm and only some German cars have a paint thickness about 150μm.