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Organizes 2021 fire protection knowledge training conference by guoou

Organizes 2021 fire protection knowledge training conference by guoou


In order to implement the fire protection policy of "prevention first, combining prevention and fire", to improve employees' fire safety awareness and the ability to respond to disasters, self-rescue capabilities, and mutual rescue capabilities, Goou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. held the 2021 fire protection knowledge training conference .

At the fire safety training conference, the two chairman of Goou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. delivered speeches on the theme of "Implementing Safety Responsibilities and Promoting Safety Development", conveying the importance of fire protection knowledge in life and work, and requesting relevant fire protection Awareness training must be planned, drills and learns are conducted on a quarterly and annual basis, and the safety production responsibility system must be implemented to achieve comprehensive scientific protection.

Next, the director of safety production and the head of the logistics department will formally carry out fire protection knowledge training and learning. At the meeting, the staff explained the cause of the fire through simple and popular forms of communication. It is necessary to take precautions to greatly reduce the fire. It is strictly forbidden to use electrical appliances such as power plugs in the room, and all safety regulations must be strictly followed. , Operating procedures and related systems. It also analyzes common fire hazards through recent cases.

Then, I also introduced related fire-fighting equipment and supplies, and personally taught everyone how to wear gas masks. Many people do not use fire-fighting equipment correctly and absorb more smoke in the dense smoke, which causes physical harm, so they have to learn. More knowledge of fire fighting requires not only preparing fire-fighting equipment, but also learning how to use it, so that you can better protect yourself and your family.

Through this firefighting training and drill, the employees said that they have learned a lot of fire safety knowledge and hope that they can deal with emergency situations by themselves in the future. Work in place.

Although Goou Electronic Technology is engaged in the precision instrument industry, and although it is far from the danger of the chemical industry, the company has always attached great importance to safe production. The establishment of fire safety funds, safety production regulations and safety responsibility systems have all shown Our company's attitude towards safe production.