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Goou coating thickness gauge is connected to the quality control app of Indian gas tank manufacturers

Goou coating thickness gauge is connected to the quality control app of Indian gas tank manufacturers


Guoou Coating Thickness Gauge provided precision instruments with a gas tank manufacturer in India in July 2020. The biggest difference in this cooperation is the open docking of the APP port. If many manufacturers with certain strength and scale will have one Own quality control system.

At present, the production of gas tanks is stamped from raw materials, formed by extrusion and bending, and finally integrated by welding, and then pickled and passivated to remove all kinds of oil, rust, oxide scale, welding spots and other dirt, which greatly improves the steel Corrosion resistance, and then to air tightness and other tests.

Pictured: Guoou coating thickness gauge successfully linked to the manufacturer’s APP demonstration

And the gas tank manufacturer that we cooperate with Goou has its own set of testing procedures. From the processing and shaping of the gas tank to the galvanizing and coating of anti-corrosion paint, and then the inside of the gas tank is detected by the optical brazing sensor. After all the internal appearance is detected, the weighing is carried out, and then all the data will be synchronized to the manufacturer's quality monitoring software , And enter it into the ERP system. In addition, manufacturers can share measurement data through mobile phone communication methods such as WhatsApp, SMS, and email.

The GTS8012 V3 Coating Thickness Gauge can provide manufacturers with the thickness detection of the paint layer of the gas tank, so as to control the quality and control the cost for the manufacturers. In addition, Goou also provides port data. Manufacturers can link to Goou's coating thickness gauge through the self-developed APP, and display and store the measurement data on the mobile phone APP developed by the manufacturer.