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China Shipbuilding Wuhan Heavy Industry successfully completed the verification with the ultrasonic thickness gauge

China Shipbuilding Wuhan Heavy Industry successfully completed the verification with the ultrasonic thickness gauge


Recently, the Quality Department of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation of Wuhan Heavy Industries successfully completed the trial production and verification of 4 standard sample rods of the ultrasonic thickness gauge. The flatness of the sample rods and the parallelism of the reference plane reached the specified accuracy value, which is the traceability and value of the ultrasonic thickness measurement of the company's length. The measurement value transfer work provides technical support and equipment guarantee to ensure that the measurement characteristics of the thickness gauge's indication error, stability and repeatability are continuously maintained during the deep hole processing and monitoring of the company's products, which effectively improves the quality of product processing .

Ultrasonic thickness gauge is an important equipment for the company’s deep hole processing and monitoring of coaxiality. How to ensure that the measurement characteristics of the equipment always meet the technical requirements of verification and calibration national standards and the company’s production needs, and solve the problem that the ultrasonic characteristics of the existing gauge blocks cannot meet the part The problem of thickness gauge verification requirements, reducing and controlling the quality risk that may occur, is a practical problem that needs to be solved urgently before us.

When there is no experience to learn from, the technical staff of the length group of the quality department actively explore and take the initiative.

One is to take learning as the first need, use spare time to consult a large number of relevant materials, continue to expand professional knowledge points, and actively maintain communication with the technical personnel of superior institutions and brother units, and strive to improve their skills.

The second is to combine the company's product reality, fully consider the company's existing verification and calibration work and product characteristics, determine the development plan of ultrasonic thickness gauge standard sample rods, and make every effort to improve product quality.

The third is to do a good job of information feedback and data analysis. Sort out the problems found in the use process, collect information feedback, and formulate the processing plan of the material, shape and position tolerance of the standard sample bar and the corresponding verification technical plan based on the data comparison and analysis. After processing, grinding, polishing, testing and data summary analysis, the standard sample rod has been used continuously for 3 months, which fully meets the technical requirements of the national standard for gauge blocks, and meets the requirements for the use of various probes of ultrasonic thickness gauges and the production of the company's long axis deep hole processing. Need to provide technical support for further improving product quality and realizing the company's high-quality development.