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Does the paint film meter display more than 400 microns as sheet metal?

Does the paint film meter display more than 400 microns as sheet metal?


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When we are buying and selling vehicles and inspecting cars, if a certain part is measured with a paint film meter and it shows that more than 400 microns, is it considered sheet metal spray paint?

Answer: Counting sheet metal, from the experience of many used car appraisers, generally the original car paint is 80-140 microns is the normal thickness, and the paint film meter measurement value is greater than 250 microns, it can be judged as sheet metal, then This part needs to be inspected in depth, so 400 microns is already sheet metal. According to past experience, the greater the value of the paint film meter, the more severe the damage to the part.

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Why is the value of the thickness gauge will be high after the sheet metal spray painted

Sheet metal spray paint repair is generally done after passivation is completed, then the primer is sprayed, the primer is sprayed and then putty, after the putty is finished, the primer is sprayed again, and finally the decorative paint is sprayed. It is recommended that you keep your eyes open when buying second-hand cars. Sheet metal second-hand cars are not unavailable. The important thing is that many car owners are ready to sell cars when they buy a sheet metal car at a high price. When the sheet metal is not subjected to passivation treatment, it greatly affects the life of the paint surface, and even the painted part of the sheet metal is bulged in less than a year.

In addition, the entire paint process is controlled by human hands, and the thickness is difficult to handle. After all, human hands cannot achieve the precision of a robotic arm, and the thickness of the putty greatly increases the thickness of the paint surface, so the paint film meter shows more than 400 microns, no doubt It's sheet metal.