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Can a coating thickness gauge measure the grams of galvanized coating?

Can a coating thickness gauge measure the grams of galvanized coating?


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Can a Coating Thickness Gauge measure the galvanized coating in grams?

Answer: It can be converted more accurately. Specifically how to convert, we will have the formula below.

The specific method is:

The density of zinc is 7.14 grams per cubic centimeter. If the thickness measured by the coating thickness gauge is 20 microns, then the thickness multiplied by the density = grams of degrees 20*7.14 = 142.8 grams. On the contrary, if it is galvanized, it is 50 grams, then It is the gram degree minus the density (50÷7.14)=the thickness of 7 microns.

First of all, the main purpose of the coating thickness gauge is to measure the thickness of the non-metallic coating or the thickness of the coating layer on the metal surface. The principle is to use the physical contrast characteristics of the metal. The coating thickness gauge uses the magnetic effect, that is, the size of the magnetic attraction between metals, and the other is the conductivity, that is, the conductivity between different metals.

And galvanizing refers to the surface treatment technology that coats a layer of zinc on the surface of metal, alloy or other materials to play the role of beauty and rust prevention!

Therefore, after we use the coating thickness gauge to measure the thickness of the galvanized layer, most people use the coating thickness gauge to use microns (μm) as the unit. We can apply the following formula to convert.

galvanized thickness

The weight of 1 micron zinc plating per 1 square meter is 7.1g, 275g/7.1 ≈ 31 microns (average thickness).

If it is accepted by the Goou coating thickness gauge, the average thickness measured may be a little higher than 31 microns, because the roughness of the steel surface and the roughness of the coating will affect the test results. bigger.

Zinc layer thickness X Zinc layer density (7.14) = Zinc layer weight

7. 14 is the density of zinc! No matter how many grams per square meter the other party says, use this number to make 7. 14. The result is the thickness per square meter, in microns.