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Easy confused thickness gauges

Easy confused thickness gauges


The principle of ultrasonic thickness gauge and coating thickness tester is completely different, and most of the time the customers confuse the two, and even confuse the ultrasonic thickness meter and coating thickness gauge, and ultrasonic coating thickness gauge. Mainly when the customer need to test the wood and plastic surface paint layer thickness, the thickness of the nonmetal substrate surface paint test usually use ultrasound coating thickness gauge, but the customer easy to hear as ultrasonic thickness meter, omitted the "coating" word.Or when we haven't answered the customer problem, they think it’s "eddy current coating thickness gauge". Why? they may think "eddy current coating thickness gauge" can help them to measure, and no matter how we explain, they insist it is correct. This is because in their reading "eddy current coating thickness gauge" technical parameters, it appeared that "the instrument can non-destructively measure nonmagnetic metal surface of the conductive coating, such as paint, powder". This sentence is not wrong, just our customers get the words inside of "nonmagnetic metal" to interpret "non-metallic", and omit the "magnetic" word, the words "nonmagnetic metal" means not to bring a magnetic (i.e., cannot be a magnet to absorb) metal, such as copper, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and other metal, rather than the customers think like plastic, wood, concrete,etc. If customers have a interpretation mistake, when they see that sentence above, naturally think that ordinary "Vortex coating thickness gauge (also known as the iron coating thickness gauge)" to help the measurement, and the recommended "ultrasonic coating thickness gauge" is not in their expectations. Because the price of ultrasonic coating thickness gauge is usually more expensive, more customers think we just want to earn more profits. Actually they don't understand, this technology is currently the international technical difficulty. China has no this kind of technology yet. In foreign countries, only one or two can do it. The  expensive price is needless to say.

What is the function of ultrasonic thickness meter? Herein we describe briefly the difference between ultrasonic thickness meter and coating thickness gauge. Coating thickness gauge is a measurement of metal surface coating thickness, and the ultrasonic thickness meter cannot do surface coating thickness measurement, can only measure that part of the material thickness without coating such as metal, glass, ceramic tile, pipe wall thickness, etc.

Hope we can let you separate the coating thickness gauge, ultrasonic coating thickness gauge, and the ultrasonic thickness meter. When purchasing the instrument, find suitable products.If there are further doubts, please contact us freely:www.guoou-instrument.com