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A basic understanding of coating thickness gauge

A basic understanding of coating thickness gauge


Paint coating thickness gauge has the following five types based on the principle of measuring:

1. Magnetic thickness method: apply to the permeability of magnetic material coating thickness measurement. Magnetic materials is commonly: steel, iron, silver, nickel. This method is of high accuracy of measurement

2. The eddy current thickness method: apply to conductive metal on the conductive coating thickness measurement. This method has lower accuracy than the magnetic thickness method

3. The method of ultrasonic thickness: the current domestic fields don’t not use this way to measure the thickness of coatings, individual manufacturer abroad have such instrument, applicable to measure the thickness of multi-layer coatings or where the above two methods can measure. But usually expensive and measurement accuracy is not high as well.

4. Electrolytic thickness method: this method is different from the above three, not belonging to the nondestructive testing, need to destroy coatings. General accuracy is not high and the measurement is troublesome comparing with others. 

5. Radiation thickness method: this instrument is very expensive (generally more than RMB100000), suitable for special occasions.

Domestic currently in use is the most common #1&#2 two ways.

Example: GT8102 type dual function coating thickness gauge

Instrument combine the magnetic and eddy current thickness meter functions together, can be used to measure the coating thickness on both iron and nonferrous metal substrates. Such as:

* on steel copper, chromium, zinc plating or paint, coating thickness of paint, enamel, etc.

* the thickness of anodized aluminum, magnesium material.

* copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc and other non-ferrous metal materials on the coating thickness.

* aluminum, copper, gold, etc and the thickness of the paper, plastic film, foil strip.

* all kinds of steel and nonferrous metal material on the thickness of thermal spray coating.

Instrument conforms to the national standard GB/T4956 and GB/T4957, can be used in the production of inspection and quality supervision, inspection and acceptance inspection.

The instrument features

* with double function built-in sensor, automatic identification ferrous or nonferrous base material, and select the corresponding measurement method for precise measurement.

* accord with human body engineering design of double screen structure, can be read the measurement data in any position.

* using mobile phones menu type selection , the operation is very simple.

* can be set up and down limit, measurement results beyond or conform to the lower limit value, the instrument will make the corresponding sound or flashing lights.

* high stability.