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What thickness gauge should be used to measure the powder coating thickness ?

What thickness gauge should be used to measure the powder coating thickness ?


powder coating thickness gauge

Powder spraying uses powder coatings. Electrostatic spraying is used in the process. The friction spray gun is used to make the powder particles carry a positive charge when they are sprayed from the gun body and contact the negatively charged profile. Electrostatic adsorption, then high temperature curing. It also enhances the adsorption strength of the paint and prevents the paint film from falling off.

So if powder coating is sprayed on steel, alloy, and aluminum, what method can we use to measure the thickness? That is the coating thickness gauge. If you want to measure the overall thickness of the substrate and coating, you can choose an ultrasonic thickness gauge.

coating thickness gauge

To measure the surface coating thickness of aluminum or alloy materials alone, you can choose a coating thickness gauge

You can choose an eddy current coating thickness gauge. The eddy current probe is used to measure the thickness of the coating on a non-ferromagnetic metal substrate, so we usually call the probe a non-magnetic probe. Compared with the magnetic measurement principle, their electrical principle is basically the same. The main difference is that the probe is different, the frequency of the test current is different, and the signal size and scale relationship are different. In the thickness gauges of the past two years, through continuous improvement of the probe structure and microcomputer technology, different probes are automatically identified to call different control programs, output different test currents and change the scale conversion software. Finally, Two different types of probes are connected to the same thickness gauge. Based on the same idea, a thickness gauge with up to 10 types of probes has emerged.

ultrasonic thickness gauge

To measure the overall thickness of aluminum or alloy materials, you can choose an ultrasonic thickness gauge

Ultrasonic thickness gauge is based on the principle of ultrasonic pulse reflection for thickness measurement. When the ultrasonic pulse emitted by the probe reaches the material interface through the measured object, the pulse is reflected back to the probe, which is determined by accurately measuring the time the ultrasonic wave travels in the material. The thickness of the measured material, so both coated and uncoated can be accurately measured.

It should be noted that both of the above-mentioned measuring instruments can perform non-destructive measurements on the substrate and coating.

Powder coating is a process used by some world-class companies at home and abroad. Although some small domestic companies are also trying, most of them are artificial collaborative electrostatic coating, and intelligent automatic coating has not been realized, and the efficiency is low. Powder electrostatic coating has the characteristics of low environmental pollution, good energy saving effect, high yield, reduced labor intensity of workers, and easy realization of automated production. Some physical indicators of the coating film are significantly improved compared with other surface treatment films, such as hardness and resistance. Abrasiveness, which can effectively extend the service life of aluminum profiles.

Nowadays, environmental protection is an issue that the world is paying attention to. In order to promote the development of my country's powder coatings and coating industry, China Coatings Industry Association holds the "China Coatings Industry Association Powder Coatings Coating Branch Inaugural Conference and Powder Coatings Coating Summit" every year. ". Promote the formulation of materials and construction standards for the powder coating industry, lead enterprise innovation, guide the industry's honest development, promote and guide the healthy and sustainable development of China's powder coating industry, and create a good development environment.