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What is the specific usage of the coating thickness gauge ?

What is the specific usage of the coating thickness gauge ?


Coating thickness gauge is a high-precision precision measuring instrument. it is an instrument designed for measuring the thickness of coatings. Therefore, when we discuss the usage of coating thickness gauges, it is inseparable from the use of coatings. We talk about the specific usage of the coating thickness gauge in detail:

electroplating layer thickness gauge

Pictured: Coating thickness gauge measuring the thickness of the electroplating layer

One of the usage of coating thickness gauge : control production costs

That's right, one of the main purposes of coating thickness gauges is to control production costs for companies. The point of high EQ is to reduce the environmental pollution of coatings while ensuring performance.

The company sprays metal parts, and the demand side often has processing requirements. For example, the thickness of the pipeline anticorrosive coating should not be less than 200μm, or the thickness of the electroplating layer should not be less than 30μm, etc. Every industry has a coating. Relevant use requirements, and the thickness of the coating also determines its life. Under the premise of ensuring performance requirements, the use of thicker coatings will often lead to increased costs for factories and enterprises. Therefore, it is particularly important to use a coating thickness gauge to accurately control and detect the coating thickness in production.

    galvanized thickness gauge

Pictured: check the electrophoretic layer thickness of the alloy pipeline 

The second purpose of the coating thickness gauge: to ensure the life of the project and product

As mentioned earlier, manufacturers and engineering undertakings often have process requirements for the coating of various components, so there will naturally be trust issues on the demand side and the production side, which can only be solved through scientific and rigorous quality inspection, and coating testing  plays this role.

The picture:inspect the vehicle  whether there is a hidden danger of accident

Other usage of coating thickness gauge

Of course, the coating thickness gauges mentioned above are more industrially used, but we can also use the characteristics of coating thickness gauges to serve our existing industries, such as used car trading, used car appraisers, and we can know the original paint coating range of the paint is between 80-150μm, because the coating thickness gauge can quickly and accurately identify the hidden tricks on the appearance of the vehicle, so as to help the assessor to estimate the vehicle.