The proper coating thickness gauge for versatile applications

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Welcome the second hand car appraisers company ----yanchebang ,come to visit us

Welcome the second hand car appraisers company ----yanchebang ,come to visit us


used car appraisers

Chengdu Yanchebang Technology Co., Ltd. (yanchebang.com) is an entrepreneurial team composed of used car appraisers and classmates. Everyone uses their professional knowledge and love for cars to help friends around them solve the problem of buying a car but don’t understand. Car troubles, resist car flicker, prevent being deceived, and thus are deeply loved by consumers.

Because yanchebang is a national [independent] third-party vehicle condition inspection service platform covering more than 100 cities, it has a stable and reliable team of certified technicians and advanced inspection systems and equipment, and has passed offline collection, online audit, and interlocking , To realize the quality monitoring of the whole process of evaluation, relying on the dual-repetitive verification method of manual + data verification, so that the inspectors distributed across the country can achieve the same testing standards and replace the results without changing the results of the technology-based evaluation company. As a leading company in motor vehicle appraisal and evaluation, it has been selected as the drafting unit of the China Automotive Technology Research Center "Standards for the Identification of Major Vehicle Accidents" and the vice-chairman unit of the Second-hand Car Appraisal Division of the China Automobile Dealers Association. Affirmation of achievements in innovation and influence.

The choice of coating thickness gauge is very rigorous. Durability, stability, test speed, and function are all within their consideration.

However, Guoou's products just meet their requirements.

Therefore, we work together to provide customers with professional and reliable services for vehicle inspections.

used car appraisers