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How we can inspect a used car price by paint meters ?

How we can inspect a used car price by paint meters ?


We all know that ,used car is different from a new car. According to the condition of each car ,the price is different .Even the car have same years ,same kilometers ,and same brand .

So we need to know how to give the  price when we want to buy a used car .

Here have some experience sharing tips as following :

To judge the condition of a used car, in short, check whether the parts on the car have been disassembled and replaced. Once replaced, it means that the vehicle may have had an accident.


1. Is the hood original?

Open the hood and check whether the screws on the hood are screwed, and whether the original factory label still exists.

Generally, if there is no collision at the hood, the screws will not show signs of being twisted. Also, if the hood has not been replaced, the original sticker should remain on the cover.

car door

2. Is the door original?

Do the same for the door, check whether the screws on the door hinges are dismantled, and whether there is sealant on the door seams. (Some brand models have no sealant)

Interpretation: If the door has a collision, then the door will be replaced with a high probability. At this time, the screws of the door hinge will have disassembly marks.

Trunk cover

3. Is the trunk cover of the vehicle original?

Check whether there are any signs of disassembly and twisting at the joints of the trunk cover. If there is a rear-end collision behind the vehicle, there is a high probability that the trunk cover will be affected.


4. Are the headlights original?

There is a factory date on the headlight, which can be compared by time against the factory nameplate of the vehicle.

If the manufacturing time of the headlight is after the date of manufacture of the vehicle, it can be determined that the headlight has been replaced.

front of the car

5. Is there an accident at the front of the car?

Check the beam on the water tank frame (commonly known as the radiator frame), most models have the original label. In addition, check the solder joints between the water tank frame and the headlight bracket. The original solder joints are relatively flat, and the post-maintenance process is not as good as the original quality.

Usually the accident at the front of the car will directly affect the water tank frame. If it collides with the water tank frame, it will directly affect the actual condition of the vehicle.

paint meters

In the above tests,we can use paint meters to test the paint thickness of the hood, ABC pillars, fenders and other parts . Most of the cars are around 80-170 microns. If it exceeds this range, it is generally repainted, and if the value is higher than 250 microns, sheet metal ,or body filler will be exist .

Using the paint  meter and the above judgment method can avoid buying 99.9% of the accident cars on the market,and we can know the price of the used car .