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How to use metal putty to hide the real paint thickness on the second-hand car

How to use metal putty to hide the real paint thickness on the second-hand car


We all know that the paint thickness meter is a second-hand car inspection tool provided by the appraiser. It can quickly and accurately assist the appraiser to identify whether the car paint is the original or the sheet metal spray paint.  The traditional paint thickness meter have been discovered by many finishing factories, that is, replacing the traditional data putty with metal putty can successfully deceive the traditional paint thickness meter, which has caused publicity in the second-hand car market. He is a fake car with the original paint. In order to better solve this shortcoming of the traditional paint thickness meter, Guoou Instrument has independently developed a paint thickness meter with metal putty detection function.

Take this fine repair car as an example. The rear fender door is scraped to the post and deformed. The repairer repaired the rear fender with a conventional sheet metal putty, and the rear door repaired with a counterfeit metal iron powder putty(metal putty).

metal putty

I asked the repairman to help us with the construction. After the vehicle is repaired, I will tell you why. The original paint second-hand car you bought may not be real. How the traditional paint film meter is deceived.

metal putty

From the picture below, we can see that the repaired car body cannot be seen from the appearance of the repaired paint surface at all. We use the paint thickness meter hand-held by the evaluator to test it (Guoou third-generation paint thickness meter) .

metal putty

As soon as the ordinary putty area is tested, it is known that this is repaired. When measuring the repaired area of metal iron powder putty, the measured value is only 100 microns, which is the most common value of the original car paint, which will make the appraiser and the user who bought the car mistakenly believe that there is no Repaired

paint thickness meter

According to the current industry situation, metal putty fraud can deceive 99.9% of the traditional paint thickness meter on the market.

However, this counterfeit technology is completely useless for the new generation of Goou Paint thickness meter

We use the fourth-generation paint film instrument to measure the metal putty area, and it will prompt that the metal putty has been detected, the upper left corner of the screen will prompt the metal putty, the measured value will be inverted to remind, the control panel will light up the red light, and the alarm will sound.

Metal putty forging original car paint is not a complicated matter. It can be seen from the video that it is simple and effective. Appraisers, car dealers and users who buy cars should pay more attention to the acceptance of used cars.