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Bluetooth coating thickness gauge -Guoou instrument specify manufacturer

Bluetooth coating thickness gauge -Guoou instrument specify manufacturer


The Bluetooth coating thickness gauge is an independent research and development patent owned by Guangzhou Guoou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. It is a professional manufacturer of Bluetooth version coating thickness gauge, coating thickness gauge with Bluetooth function, and ultrasonic thickness gauge. The varieties and models are relatively complete. The Goou Bluetooth coating thickness gauge ranges from the ordinary Bluetooth version of the car paint film gauge, the Bluetooth version of the coating thickness gauge, the Bluetooth version of the split coating thickness gauge, to the Bluetooth anticorrosive coating thickness gauge, A variety of specifications and models of Bluetooth thickness gauges such as Bluetooth fire retardant coating thickness gauge and Bluetooth ultrasonic thickness gauge are available for purchase.

Guoou Bluetooth coating thickness gauge combined with Guoou Bluetooth APP-Guooumaster can realize synchronous transmission of measurement data, real-time synchronization of measurement results, setting of upper and lower alarm values, grouping of tested products, real-time statistics of maximum and minimum average values, and real-time data Export to EXCEL or PDF, which can be sent to computer, Email, WhatsApp in real time. Real-time viewing of previous reports and other functions. Guoou instrument, to help the majority of testing users to easily detect, simple and convenient to use, is one of the indispensable instruments in the non-destructive testing industry. Need Bluetooth transmission version coating thickness gauge, paint film gauge, fireproof coating thickness gauge, electroplating thickness gauge, Bluetooth ultrasonic thickness gauge, welcome to consult Guangzhou Guoou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., we professionally provide you with the most suitable Bluetooth coating thickness gauge!

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