The proper coating thickness gauge for versatile applications


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Do you accept OEM orders?

Do you accept OEM orders?


In order to conform to the modern industrial development target and direction, the film thickness gauge has been widely used nowadays.Many manufacturing enterprises will be massively purchasing this kind of instrument, so as to be more conducive to the production improvement and strengthen the development speed of the enterprise. It is a very critical problem to buy equipment according to the type of work.
Current film thickness gauge can be divided into portable or desktop. The two types equipment have their respective advantages in the function and application. The portable instruments is not only more convenient but also easy to measure in the process of use, which is suitable for the construction site.

Although desktop film thickness gauge is much larger, the measurement data is more accurate. So it’s not only the equipment production unit mainly adopts but also one of the products that meets the modern industrial productivity equipment.

Portable and desktop film thickness gauge advantages are different on the use, so must be chosen considering with the specific work needs.