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Preparation before using zinc-plated coating thickness gauge

Preparation before using zinc-plated coating thickness gauge


Zinc galvanized thickness gauge can be widely used in various industrial sites, providing accurate measurements for production. To guarantee the measurement accuracy, you need use strictly according to the usage specification and pay attention to the preparation before use.

Before using electric galvanized thickness gauge, examine the power firstly. At present, the equipment mainly depends on the alkaline batteries to provide power. So let's turn on the switch, check whether the battery can provide enough power to avoid effecting the measurement work efficiency because of the low battery.

In addition, you also need to check whether the electric galvanized thickness gauge probe is connected in good condition. To measure the accurate data, it is important to ensure that the probe connection is strong. If found loose, it should be timely maintained. All these are not only the preparation need to be aware before using but also the prerequisites of measuring the accurate data.